The JWD Deposit is an exceptional, DSO iron ore project, producing a high grade, low impurity iron ore lump.

JWD Iron Ore Project

Ownership 100% ownership of Wiluna West JWD deposit (JWD Project)

CuFe has exercised its right to access and mine a further 900,000mt of the JWD resource.

Project Overview •Low capex, direct-shipping iron ore development project which will produce a high-grade (resource average ~63.7%), low impurity iron ore, with approximately 65% of the material presenting as high-value lump ore
Location / Infrastructure •Located in Western Australia, ~700km from Geraldton Port with multiple road / rail transport combinations being evaluated

•Multiple third party camps located nearby with available capacity to reduce upfront capex

Resource •10.7Mt @ 63.7% Fe using a 55% Fe cut off

•All exploration and resource definition completed along with metallurgical test work program

Production •During the Quarter ended 30 September 2023, JWD mining operations achieved increased tonnes across the value chain at lower operating costs despite higher diesel fuel prices. Eight shared cargoes (with other operating mines in the region) were exported inside the quarter, with JWD’s share totalling 160,402wmt

•The Company’s first transport of high-grade JWD lump was achieved on 2 October 2021.

JWD PROJECT - CuFe Limited
JWD PROJECT - CuFe Limited